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About Seedtime Harvest Publishing

seedtime harvest publishing

Seedtime Harvest Publishing  is a company founded for the purpose of helping and blessing others so that they might reach their full potential and joyfully fulfill their destinies. Both readers and authors will find help and inspiration on this site. 

Why the name?

Well, there's actually a story behind our name! Our founder, as a third grader, attended Sunday school at an old Methodist church in her grandparents' home town in Ohio. She wasn't sure about being in a new place with new faces, but one thing from the simple Bible lesson stuck with her from that day to this:

"As long as the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease."  Genesis: 8:22, NASB

Such simple words, but they were planted deeply in her heart. An obscure verse  - taught from the perspective of a third grade Sunday school teacher  - a snippet of text so easy to memorize, but power packed with meaning. ​

We are all familiar with the idea of planting seeds for a harvest. But sometimes we forget that we don't have instant harvest from the seeds we sow. In between "seed" and "harvest" is a lot of T-I-M-E! But the principal still holds true - any good seed that we plant is guaranteed​ to bring forth a harvest - in time. We plant and water and care for it - and EXPECT the harvest. And it will come!

We believe that writing articles and books are a special kind of "seed".  After all, God created the whole world with words - and He has given us the ability to create our own world with our words! Which words will we choose?

Words of discouragement? Or words of faith?

Doubt or Confidence?

Victory or Defeat?

We influence others with our words - and when it comes to a book, those words keep on giving and giving and giving - to whomever picks it up and reads it - whether in physical or digital form.

Our mission is to let our light shine with words to transform people for God's Kingdom. ​

Our passion is to connect authors and readers in such a way so that both are encouraged to fulfill their destiny with peace, purpose and joy.

And nothing sums up our mission statement quite like the following succinct quote:    

"An Angel spoke and he said unto me: Write!"  Revelation 19:9 (paraphrase)